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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Red and black, together again

I took bowling in high school, and I liked it. Unfortunately like many of the things I like, I was never very good at it. We can't all be good at everything of course. It's all in good fun. So I agreed to participate in my husband's charity bowling event for work. Low and behold we get bowling shirts! In honor of the black, red and white shirts, I put together this necklace. Among my new bead affairs is the crackle bead. They reflect the light nicely and come in a wonderful range of colors. These are two tone crackle beads, which are my favorite. I went crazy on the centerpiece, loading it down with two colors and two sizes of the beads. It feels nice and sturdy. Black and red always reminds me of a deck of cards, but perhaps from now on it will remind me of bowling.

Bling that reminds me of bubbly

I have a love of tear drop beads. They look so juicy, like a drop of liquid about to fall from a glass or a leaf. I've also developed a new fascination with glass chips. So I've combined my old love and my new love in this necklace. I thought the color of the chips looked like irridescent champagne, and who doesn't love champagne. Drop beads naturally lend themselves to cascading, thus the centerpiece of the necklace takes advantage of that.