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Monday, August 28, 2006

My First Etsy Sale!

I was so excited/happy about this. I finally had a completely unsolicited sale from Etsy. These babies were shipped off to my first official customer a couple of days ago. She indicated that she would have been interested in a white pair also. I have a set in crystal that I sent her a link to, but so far haven't heard back. Oh, well. I'm just happy that this effort has finally started to be successful.

My First Commissioned Piece

My friend Rana, whom I work with, asked me to craft a mother's bracelet as a gift. It was a good process, as she had a good idea of what she wanted, which was out of the box from what you might think of as a mother's bracelet.

I was used to using light colors, but Rana chose jet crystals and vitrail crystals. Mixed in with those were the four birthstone colors. Plus she asked for a two-strand for something I would normally make a single strand item.

But I love the piece came out.