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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What is in a (shop) name?

A shop names is the first introduction to a brand, and should therefore send the message you intend it to send. It should say something about your shop, what you sell, or should at least not give a misleading impression of your shop.

There are all kinds of wonderful handmade shops out there. They have unique names that can seem straightforward, but the stories and reasons behind the name of a shop can be as unique as the artisan.

I realized this as I had always made the assumption that the shop name was usually named after the artisan. But in reality some people find their inspiration from mythology, anthropology, family history and other parts of their life.

My shop name comes from a combination of my kids' names. Arielle and Aidan combined to give me Aridan. I liked the idea because it keeps my kids top of mind, where they belong, and it also demonstrates to them their importance in my life. They are proud that my shop is named after them. I had tinkered with other names that involved the words "baubles" and "trinkets", and while they may be fun to say, I felt they tended to trivialize the work I put into my pieces. I also wanted a name generic enough that it wouldn't be misleading if I decided to create items that were not jewelry. That is how Aridan Fashions was born.

If you have an interesting story about your business or shop name, I would love to hear it.