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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A new iPad 2

So I'm one of the few hundred thousand who went out and got the latest iPad. I'm part of the elite group who are not waiting two, three, four, or five weeks for delivery, thanks to a wonderful husband who was First in line at Best Buy. It was not all sweetness and light, though, as I was looking for a 64G unit, and as luck would have it, our local Best Buy was the only one not offering that version.

Well that dampened my spirit for a few minutes, but an iPad in the hand is worth two on the truck (or in the mail), so we took it and ran. I was not disappointed with the beautiful piece of technology. It lived up to every attribution of pleasing aesthetics I've heard.

I had not held an iPad before this, so I could not marvel at how much lighter it is. It actually was heavier than I thought it would be. But other than that, it was a beautiful piece of work. Now that I've had it for almost two weeks, I have found it to be indispensable.

I have hooked it up to our wireless network, synched it to iTunes on my laptop, and quickly began exploring the wonderful world of the app store. I found apps that allow me to access my other computers remotely, let me turn my Facebook feed into a personalized news magazine, and ones that allow me to view and edit work files. I can get all my emails through one inbox, view and edit work files, and IM and text on the go with a bigger screen and keyboard.

I have never been an Apple fanboy, or fangirl for that matter, and I love my Moto Droid to bits, but I am happy with the purchase. Only drawbacks I've encountered include the lack of a file system (which is a hard concept for a veteran PC user here), and the lack of any really good photo apps out there a la something like PicSay Pro for the Droid.

I'll be happily outfitting this thing for months to come, and hopefully no iPad 3 will come along in the fall and make it feel outdated before it's a year old. ;-)